Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Team Diversity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Team Diversity - Essay Example In the United States, Children grow up with an positive and challenging life where TRY AND TRY AGAIN TILL YOU SUCCEED is the motto because the US territory is WIDE enough for challenges. Some of the supervisors from the other countries looked at the loss during the previous year as proof that normal life is really hard down there because there is literally no elbow room in their place for research & development. To ease the situation, I gave each member a cultural (Schermerhorn, 1997) and historical nutshell report of the cultures and traditions of each country to all members of the meeting. It was explained that based on Appendix A below, the US has a high creativity index. It is recommended that the five step program(Strickland, 19997) be implemented to eliminate mistrust and misunderstanding among the different cultures. Firth, all supervisors are to TEACH the other members of their cultures so work will go smoothly and prevent stereotyping. Second, the cultural structures have to be integrated such as no more male or female job. Third, cultural groups barriers must be broken down so that there is only ONE group of many cultures.

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