Saturday, September 28, 2019

Mental Heath. Write one an half pages on Suicide article. Please Essay

Mental Heath. Write one an half pages on Suicide article. Please hyperlink the article site - Essay Example Berman feel as though she had no other choice but to end her own life. Jennifer had once been considered a normal, loving wife and mother who boasted of her musically-talented children. However, a neighbor, Marian Sklodowski, said that something suddenly changed in Jennifer that was visibly apparent just days before the murder-suicide. â€Å"A couple of days ago, she was different†¦you could see it in her face, there was something missing, something disturbed in her mind† (Goldstein, 2014, p.2). This is an interesting case study in mental illness and the rapidity by which mental disturbances can begin, even in an individual who has been known to be quite normal and well-adjusted. A typical person, when facing mounting problems both financial and social, are able to cope through these hard times and ultimately find mental adjustment without resorting to drastic self-harm tactics. Jennifer Berman not only felt that her own death was appropriate, but determined that it would be the most viable solution for her children as well. This is a form of psychosis in which an individual loses all touch with reality and begins to believe deluded thoughts. In psychology, one is not easily, officially diagnosed with sustaining a psychotic disorder until certain variables have been excluded, such as diseases in the central nervous system or even ingested illicit drugs. However, there was no evidence that Berman maintained any of the aforementioned conditions, but she simply had new-onset psychosis as a result of poor personal coping mechanisms. The Berman case could be a fascinating case study on what triggers new-onset psychosis and why some individuals experiencing psychotic episodes are unable to restrict their impulsive actions. It would be highly beneficial to the medical and psychological communities to examine all of the factors over a period of time that led to psychosis and the desire to commit suicide and murder her

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