Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The movie fracture is an example of a psychological drama

The movie fracture is an example of a psychological drama, played by set of talented movie actors. Among the talented actors in Hollywood, Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling are chosen to play the two lead roles of the movie. A multi awarded and one of the most popular actors in his time and at present, Anthony Hopkins played the lead role in the movie fracture as the Tem Crawford.Who was a local engineer who had attempted to murder his wife after discovering that her young wife Jennifer that was played by another young talented actress Embeth Davidtz, which was having an affair with local police detective. On the other hand, Ryan Gosling a talented actor as well, plays the critical role of the movie as the young and promising district attorney who is about make a defining moment of his career as a lawyer moving to a much glamorous law firm.From the moment Ted Crawford discover that her young wife Jennifer is having an affair with a local police detective, he then starts to master plan the process of killing her wife. One day after making all the necessary plans, Crawford held his wife Jennifer inside their house and he shot her on the head in point blank range. This incident cause alarm to the community and police respondents starts to move all over the place.Among the entire hostage negotiator who responded on the crime scene, only one detective Nunally was allowed to enter the house where Crawford shot his wife. Upon entering the crime scene he saw Ted Crawford on the floor and was shocked when he sees Jennifer his long time lover that was in the other room swimming on her own blood. Due to this crime Ted Crawford was held liable for shooting his wife and will face court trials.This case was handled by Willy Beachum, a young and talented district attorney as his last case before moving to a better position in a law firm. With his record of 97% successful conviction cases Willy Beachum had achieved as a local district attorney, he accepts to handle the case bef ore leaving district attorney’s office. With the belief that this case will no longer be a difficult one for this case is an open case of attempted murder, Willy does not made the needed preparations as much as he did on his previous cases. Apart from Willy's knowledge he did not thought this case will be a battle of psychological intelligence between him and Ted Crawford. In the end, Ted Crawford was acquitted on doing frustrated murder on her wife Jennifer.In relation of the movie fracture by Anthony Hopkins to business law,   the scenario of the battle between the two leading character of the movie Ted Crawford and Willy Beachum on the court could be perfect to cite. Furthermore, this movie has something to do with law cases such as frustrated murder and probably business law in terms of actions of the leading role. Business law is often characterized as corporate law that was divided into many different areas. One of its is the law of negligence or malpractice.In the mo vie fracture, Ryan Gosling as the young successful district attorney Willy Beachum, may violated some the law of malpractice. This law is type of professional negligence in which a practitioner in a professional field is generally accepted failure to perform or achieve professional standards as required to their duty. In the case of Willy Breachum that was portrayed by the famous actor Ryan Gosling, as a district attorney he may possibly violated the law of malpractice in which he failed to perform professionally on the case of Ted Crawford.It is understandable though in court trial a winner and a loser are inevitable. However, on the movie fracture the public district attorney Willy Beachum had possibly committed negligence since he do not give enough attention and did not make needed preparation upon handling the case of Ted Crawford resulted to the not guilty verdict of the court to the person on trial.

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