Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Direct and Interactive Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Direct and Interactive Marketing - Essay Example The following is a discussion of strategic approaches in relation to the strengths and opportunities that the management seeks to accrue from the business environment. The details further establish the salient use of the variables in rebuilding the supermarkets’ strategic framework. Analyses for Morrisons’ supermarkets Situation analysis in Morrisons Morrisons has competently claimed its position in the U.Ks retail market through the lead in the delivery of quality food and groceries. The supermarket chain has grown tremendously after merging with Safeways Company. Morrisons invested in a total of 32 million pounds for online marketing to ensure prompt approaches to the clientele groups. This investment approach targeted to acquire the stipulated clientele given that the consumer groups were deviating from point-of-sale purchases to placing orders and expecting home deliveries (Vickers, 2013:3). The threat of competition is overwhelming in the UK’s retail market, factors articulated to Morrisons dwindling rate of profitability despite the struggle to retaliate accordingly by offering the best retail services in the UK market ahead of their fellow competitors. In 2011, the month of November, the company’s management evaluated that profitability rates were dwindling along various quarters, and their market leadership was falling under a continued rate of threat. The current forecasts implement that Morrisons’ supermarkets have competitively engaged in a recovery program to recuperate and yield profitability (British grocery market, 2012:4). The company shall possibly achieve the desired market edge through the expected success of the M-Local initiative. Direct marketing in determining market size and trends The strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats determine the rate of profitability in the market segments. Through the analytical approach, Morrisons’ management must determine of the approaches that seem most appropriate to reaching the desired market share. As the company currently holds 10% of the total market share, perceptions are that the management may ensure precise research and development study to ensure that all factors of the product mix favor the outlined specifications of prompt delivery of value and satisfaction at a profitable rate to the clientele community of the UK. As Morrisons competes with Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Asda, Sainbury, and Waitrose among others (Vickers, 2013:4). Morrisons held a worrying 10% market share as at November 2012 and situation reflected to the company’s diversification of investments through big stalls and shopping centers while competitors gradually adjusted to direct marketing approaches. The retail stores accrued importance through the purchase of online channels of communication (Dahle?n, and Lange, 2008:144). As rival competitors such as Tesco and Asda lose their market share -43% and due to the discovery that the beef sold in the market contained horsemeat up to 50%, the companies lost accordingly while Morrisons acquired over 20 small-sized stalls. SWOT analysis As the company evaluates of the probabilities of success to prosper and compete with others effectively, the management realized that the reinvestment rate of Asda and Tesco posed considerable threats to competition and success. The competing firms remained threatened by the rate of

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